Fourth Estate Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation run by journalists and people who care about the profession with the aim of empowering independent journalism and rebuilding global respect for the industry. With so many journalists now operating as freelance contributors, the alliance aims to provide these freelancers with important facilities that they would automatically have access to had as part of a larger organisation.

Fourth Estate Alliance is funded by its members who use its services and by donations and grants.

Fourth Estate Alliance owns and manages a suite of software designed to empower independent journalism. All material is archived and if the owner gives permission, it is shared with this platform and archived against the author's name. All publications and republications are also logged alongside the original version. The platform also scans selected publications for bylines and creates automatic profiles which can later be matched to existing or new members. We also allow accredit users to add links to their published work.

All data supplied by journalists is gathered to help them build a professional profile. It is managed by journalists in order to support their work. All data is securely stored and every known protection is used to maintain its security and confidentiality. Fourth Estate Alliance regularly examines its data protections to ensure it uses current best practice guidelines.

Potentially we look at any source found on the internet. Our database constantly scans published material and updates profiles when relevant.

Our project launched in 2017 but it takes published articles from any time period.

The site is meant for publishers, journalists and the public. It does not accept commissions for PR or marketing research and does not publish advertising or PR copy.